Our Investment & Risk Expertise

Institutional and Corporate Risk

Comprehending the corporate risk landscape, particularly in emerging and frontier economies, is key in order to create resilient and sustainable organisations in a volatile environment. We help organisations to develop and adopt robust risk frameworks and to pursue safely their business operations shielded from jurisdictional, regulatory, compliance, sanction and contentious matter risk based on our deep understanding of target market challenges.

Political Risk and Intelligence Analysis

Understanding geopolitical trends that shape government policies and strategies are crucial ingredients of complex decision-making processes especially in volatile emerging and frontier markets. Anticipating and managing political risk impacting organization’s business is essential before making far reaching decisions. We help our clients to comprehend complex geopolitical trends and policies by providing critical insights on underlying political drivers and unapparent factors. We gather and analyze rigorously intelligence and information to relevant political subject matters to enable informed decision making by our clients.

Economic and Financial Risk Analysis

We provide our clients with economic updates, trends and insights to specific target markets, macro-economic developments, and governmental economic policies highly relevant for organizations long-term and strategic planning in emerging and developing markets.

Risk Management & Crisis Response Plan

Proactive risk management and development of practical relevant crisis response plan contributing to the safeness and resilience of organizations is essential not only in challenging and risky jurisdictions but also in highly regulated and developed economies.

Security Risk

Security risk and threats are pervasive in many emerging and frontier markets to a varying extent. Anticipating and managing proactively security risk is essential for protecting individuals or assets.
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