About Agema Analysts


Helping organisations to make sound and compliant decisions to complex issues and enabling safe operations in volatile environments to assist our clients to succeed and achieve their goals.



We believe that ethical, honest, transparent, compliant and professional business conduct is the foundation of a responsible and sustainable advisory firm like ours which is based on integrity, credibility and confidentiality qualifying us to serve our clients in critical decision-making processes and sensitive issues.

Value Proposition

The distinct multidisciplinary combination of our critical services, our local expertise and deep understanding of target markets characteristics and superior analysis capabilities are unique for helping clients with strategic decision making in high-risk and volatile regions.


Our Promise

We have profound knowledge of specific regional and local risk factors, superior access to critical information and intelligence to informal structures allowing us to provide to our clients highly relevant and straight to the point advisory services and expertise to essential investment and risk areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility plays a particular role for us on how we serve our clients, partners, work among our team members and contribute to the broader community. We believe it is our social responsibility to give back and create  positive impact to the people and societies in which we are active in. We strongly feel that providing education, practical learning and  internship opportunities is key in fighting unemployment, poverty and empowering students, graduates and career entrants by enhancing their professional development. Therefore Agema Analysts is providing internship opportunities and internal educational programs to a variety of applicants to support them to gain critical skills and abilities important to succeed in the labor markets.