Our Legal Services

Corporate & Commercial Law

With a practical and business-oriented approach Agema Analysts advises clients on a wide range of corporate & commercial matters, from day to day operations throughout strategic initiatives and complex transactions.

IP Rights and Media Law

Due to the globalization and digitalization the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights has gained more importance and is crucial for many of our clients. Our multi-jurisdictional capacity and expertise in the IP protection filed enables us to advise our clients in line with local and international laws on intellectual property rights and trade secrets.

Real Estate Law

Agema Analysts provides national and international real estate investors, owners or potential buyers of real estate, whether commercial or private, legal advice and representation during the due diligence and acquisition process. We assist our clients further with property joint-venture agreements, establishment of limited liability companies and partnerships for sophisticated real estate transactions.

Tax Law

Agema Analysts works together with experienced tax lawyers in various key jurisdictions and advises domestic and international clients to plan and structure their businesses optimally and in a tax compliant manner.

Employment Law

Labor Law mainly serves to protect employees and regulates in particular the legal relationship between the employer and the employee. Agema Analysts represents client, employees as well as employers throughout all legal matters concerning employment matters. With our expertise and our partners, we are able to handle employment matters internationally in various key jurisdictions. We also advise employers on compliance with local employment laws with the goal of increasing workplace efficiency and preventing potentially disruptive litigation.

Distributorship & Franchise Law

When intending to expand the business through agencies or franchise, its crucial to understand the applicable franchise, agency and distributorship laws or relevant jurisdiction. Due to its broad network of local offices across the globe, Agema Analysts advises and assists domestic, national and international manufacturers, distributors, franchisors and individual entrepreneurs on distribution, franchise and agency laws internationally, strategizing on optimal IP protection and roll out of client’s IP concepts

Merger & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are two distinct forms of business transactions that both result in the consolidation of two companies into one and requires a certain ability to understand not simply legal practices, but business practices. Such transactions are major events for companies and business owners and can have vast implications for parties involved. It is therefore crucial to be legally represented at the early stages of a potential merger and acquisition. We represent a wide range of clients in various industries, sectors, and geographical regions.

Foreign Trade, Export Control, Customs Law & Legal Compliance

Export controls can take a variety of forms and are measures used by governments in goods trade to achieve public policy objectives. International business owners, traders, and service providers face challenges due to the constantly changing rules and regulations related to sanctions, embargoes and export controls Agema Analysts advises clients on a wide variety of international trade matters.

Investment and Market Entry

We assist our international clients, with specific and critical legal investment structuring, market entry strategy and company establishment advisory services.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have profound expertise in the field of litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and we represent our clients throughout corporate and commercial litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings. Due to our international and cross-border litigation experience, we are able to represent our clients in complex legal matters based on effective litigation strategies.
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