Our Legal Services

Corporate & Commercial Law

With a practical and business-oriented approach Agema Analysts advises clients on a wide range of corporate & commercial matters, from day-to-day operations throughout strategic initiatives and complex transactions.

Drafting and negotiating Commercial contracts and corporate transactions

Consulting outside disputes it utmost important. Therefore, it is recommended to obtain legal advice early in the course of the negotiations, particularly when undertaking international transactions. In drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, we carefully identify critical issues that need to be consider when dealing with different types of agreements, from joint ventures and strategic alliances to government contracts, from employment agreements to shareholder agreements. With profound knowledge of the relevant laws of several jurisdictions, we are advising clients on various type of national and cross-border agreements and corporate transactions.

Company establishment and corporate structuring

The structure of a new business is very crucial and should be taken into consideration already at the very initial stage. Decisions made at this stage will significantly impact the business going forward. Building the right corporate structure and restructuring obsolete or incomplete structures is therefore key for organizations to remain agile and competitive in the market. We advise organizations on their corporate (re-) structuring requirements in line with local jurisdictional and regulatory frameworks and best practice to suit optimally their particular business structures, growth ambitions and protect against organizational and external risks.

Company Secretary Services & Board (Risk) Advice

Building a compliant and effective company board requires often external resources such as professional advisors and non-executive board members. We support organisations in establishing highly efficient, dynamic, responsible and compliant boards and committees by assisting as non-executive board members and external corporate advisors. We can add value by providing highly relevant advisory services to critical corporate legal and governance matters and thereby create awareness and mitigate legal risk enabling to improve significantly decision-making processes.

IP Rights and Media Law

Due to the globalization and digitalization the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights has gained more importance and is crucial for many of our clients. Our multi-jurisdictional capacity and expertise in the IP protection filed enables us to advise our clients in line with local and international laws on intellectual property rights and trade secrets.

Protection of Trade Secrets

Trade secret laws protect secret information that create an economic advantage over its competitors. Trade secrets, if not protected can be exposed to third parties through improper means, such as theft, trespass, hacking, or breach of a confidentiality agreement. We assist our clients to protect their confidential business information by putting internal procedure and policies in place to ensure legally enforceable confidentiality obligations.

Trademark and Brand Management

Trademark law creates usage rights in words, phrases, symbols, and other indicators that identify the source or sponsorship of goods or services. The owner of a valid trademark can stop others from using its trademark or a similar mark in connection with similar goods and services. We advise our clients through the lifecycle of trademarks, from selection and adoption through registration and enforcement, licensing and infringement litigation.

Real Estate Law

Agema Analysts provides national and international real estate investors, owners or potential buyers of real estate, whether commercial or private, legal advice and representation during the due diligence and acquisition process. We assist our clients further with property joint-venture agreements, establishment of limited liability companies and partnerships for sophisticated real estate transactions.

Tax Law

Agema Analysts works together with experienced tax lawyers in various key jurisdictions and advises domestic and international clients to plan and structure their businesses optimally and in a tax compliant manner.

International Taxation

International business owners or high net-worth individuals usually encounter obstacles when it comes to international taxation such as double taxation treaties, international reporting requirements etc. It is crucial that taxations questions are addressed already in a very early stage. We assist our clients in restructuring international companies and corporate groups, and cross-border mergers and acquisitions in a tax efficient manner. We advise our clients on international tax comparisons, and on all customs and foreign-trade issues.

Tax disputes and investigations

Effective management of tax disputes and investigations require specialist expertise. Our team provides specialist advice to guide clients through what can be a complex and stressful process.

Employment Law

Labor Law mainly serves to protect employees and regulates in particular the legal relationship between the employer and the employee. Agema Analysts represents client, employees as well as employers throughout all legal matters concerning employment matters. With our expertise and our partners, we are able to handle employment matters internationally in various key jurisdictions. We also advise employers on compliance with local employment laws with the goal of increasing workplace efficiency and preventing potentially disruptive litigation.

Drafting Employment Agreements

It is crucial to have a written employment agreement in place which complies with the statues of the respective country. Each country has its own rule and regulations of employment in place which need to be considered when drafting such agreement. In many jurisdiction clauses with regard to non-competition or overtime can be challenging to draft and if not carefully drafted, it may even lead to litigation. It is therefore recommended to have a tailor-made employment agreement which considers the legislation of the particular jurisdiction, rather than having standard templates in place.

Labor Disputes

When disputes cannot be avoided, we represent clients in labor court. We also handle arbitrations and administrative hearings before the court hearing.

Distributorship & Franchise Law

When intending to expand the business through agencies or franchise, its crucial to understand the applicable franchise, agency and distributorship laws or relevant jurisdiction. Due to its broad network of local offices across the globe, Agema Analysts advises and assists domestic, national and international manufacturers, distributors, franchisors and individual entrepreneurs on distribution, franchise and agency laws internationally, strategizing on optimal IP protection and roll out of client’s IP concepts. From drafting franchise, distributorship and agency agreements, their enforcement to strategic advice to termination litigation, Agema Analysts assists its clients who seek to grow worldwide to achieve their business goals.

Merger & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are two distinct forms of business transactions that both result in the consolidation of two companies into one and requires a certain ability to understand not simply legal practices, but business practices. Such transactions are major events for companies and business owners and can have vast implications for parties involved. It is therefore crucial to be legally represented at the early stages of a potential merger and acquisition. We represent a wide range of clients in various industries, sectors, and geographical regions.

Due diligence

A meticulous and thorough due diligence process is vital for all M&A or JV transactions but even more critical in emerging and frontier markets where crucial information are often not easily available or accessible and require particular local expertise in order to uncover or extract relevant data. We help our clients to gather and analyse critical information from competent legal sources highly relevant for specific transactions and thereby safeguard the interests of our clients. This helps to structure optimally client transactions and to address comprehensively uncovered risks and concerns at an early stage enabling sound decision-making whether to proceed or to abstain from a M&A or JV transaction.

Business Partner due diligence and Background Screening

Before organizations enter into contractual or business relationships and/or initiate a M&A or JV transaction it is essential to conduct a thorough business partner due diligence and background screening of potential cooperation or business partners, future shareholders, beneficial owners or customers to mitigate best possible reputational or compliance risk and to prevent serious consequences such as exposure to criminal investigations and prosecution, listings on international or internal compliance screening lists and/or loosing long term business relationships. We help our clients to conducting thorough business partner due diligence and background screening on potential business partners, stakeholders or customers in full confidentiality to safeguard client’s organizations from reputational risk.

Antitrust & Competition Law

Antitrust law is designed to prevent price-fixing, anti-competitive practices, and the abuse of a dominant position within the marketplace. Global businesses feel the growing impact of new competition and antitrust laws and more sophisticated competition law enforcement around the world. We advise our clients in connection with antitrust and competition law challenges at national and international level and provide an overall strategy and implementation of the same.

Foreign Trade, Export Control, Customs Law & Legal Compliance

Export controls can take a variety of forms and are measures used by governments in goods trade to achieve public policy objectives. International business owners, traders, and service providers face challenges due to the constantly changing rules and regulations related to sanctions, embargoes and export controls Agema Analysts advises clients on a wide variety of international trade matters.

Regulatory, Compliance and Trade Sanctions

The regulatory, trade sanction and compliance environment especially in emerging economies are evolving quickly due to rapid political changes and abrupt shifts in government policies and strategies. Organizations need to be on top of regulatory transformations which often require them to adopt quickly and proactively relevant trade sanction and compliance frameworks within their overall legal, compliance and risk management function to mitigate significant compliance risk. Our team supports organizations to understand and define applicable regulatory, trade sanction, compliance and legal risk and to design, customize and integrate robust, effective, and comprehensive compliance frameworks relevant for our clients which help to prevent or mitigate legal risk.

Compliance and Trade Sanction Training

Comprehending the corporate legal risk landscape is key in order to create resilient and sustainable organizations. We help organisations to develop and adopt robust legal risk frameworks and to pursue safely their business operations shielded from legal, regulatory, compliance, sanction and litigation risk based on our deep understanding of target market legal landscape and challenges.

Investment and Market Entry

We assist our international clients, with specific and critical legal investment structuring, market entry strategy and company establishment advisory services.

Foreign Market Entry and investment structuring

Entering new markets and establishing a presence in a non-familiar jurisdiction can be challenging and risky. We assist investors and new market entrants to define and implement their optimal market entry strategy appropriate to their needs and objectives taking into consideration critical target market and legal risk factors, restrictions, limitations as well as opportunities. Our profound insights into the dynamics of applicable jurisdictional risk, compliance, regulatory and economic factors allow us to render accurate and relevant legal advisory services to our clients.

Business Expansion & Growth Strategy Advice & Strategic Partnership Structuring Advice

Business expansion and developing effective growth strategies depend not only on the micro and macro-economic environment but also on other specific external factors such as inherent legal, jurisdictional and regulatory limitations impacting business expansion policies of organisations. We help our clients to understand target market regulatory and legal framework, government policies and from short-, mid- and long-term perspective to enable informed and sound decision making. The gathering and assessing of that vital information help our clients in their decision-making process.

Legislative & Legal Jurisdictional Risk Advice | Contentious Business & Litigation Risk Advice

The legislative landscape, particularly in emerging and frontier markets is often subject to quick changes due to fast evolving legal systems, political, socio-economic landscapes, cultural shifts and changing government policies and strategies. For safe navigation in quickly evolving legislative environments and changing legal systems organizations need to understand and adopt robust and agile management structures and legal risk frameworks and apply appropriate resources to mitigate potential legal and compliance risk. We help organisations to anticipate and manage legislative and legal jurisdictional risk and to adopt practical legal risk frameworks and build up relevant resources to avoid potential regulatory and inherent jurisdictional pitfalls.

Strategic Legal Risk Mitigation Advice | Strategic Mediation & Negotiation Advice | Debt Recovery Strategy Advisory Services

Litigation procedures are time consuming, expensive and often affect negatively existing (business) relationships with respective partners or customers. Therefore, it is important to exhaust all available tools to manage or if possible, prevent contentious matters through strategic negotiations, settlements, and mediation to preserve valuable partnerships and customer relationships. We support organisations to understand and manage potential contentious legal risk and strategize negotiations, settlement discussions and mediation to mitigate the legal risk of contentious matters and potential litigation risk. In case litigation is unavoidable, we assist clients in advising, strategizing, preparing and planning optimally litigation procedures based on profound litigation investigations, evidence examination and collection of intelligence to the facts of the case to support our legal litigators and to achieve best possible outcome of the lawsuit for our clients.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have profound expertise in the field of litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and we represent our clients throughout corporate and commercial litigation, arbitration, and mediation proceedings. Due to our international and cross-border litigation experience, we can represent our clients in complex legal matters based on effective litigation strategies.